From Lockdown to Robot Showdown

How to teach an engineering class virtually according to MIT

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If Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was ever your dream school for STEM fields, then you might have heard of the legendary course 2.007: Design and Manufacturing I2.007 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The course was not your traditional engineering course. It was transformed into a project-based, get-your-hands-dirty, robotics-competition-focused experience in the 1970s.

In 2021, the course was offered virtually and MIT hosted their first-ever virtual robot competition.

We’ve actually hosted a virtual robotics competition in 2021 as well!

The Wiz Prodigy Story

In 2020, the world stood still.

Like everybody else, we were left pondering about how to keep students engaged at a distance (literally!).

Luckily, using technology to facilitate teaching and learning was nothing new at Wiz Robotics. In fact, our teaching model has been built upon our very own online learning platform.

However, we wanted to offer students an even more unique and engaging experience to continue their STEM learning that not only gave them the chance to pick up new knowledge through a learning platform, but also the opportunity to think outside of the box by building their own robot with materials that could easily be found at home.

Thus came the Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition!

We launched the first ever Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition in 2021 with the theme around the Cybertruck. It attracted more than 130 students from across North America.

We had judges who were experts in various STEM fields including a FIRST Robotics Competition judge, a recipient of Top Engineer 30 under 30, The Hacksmith (YES the real-life Ironman), and even a Senior Engineer from Tesla.

Check out the amazing entries from the participants.

Our first online STEM competition was such a success so we are bringing it back for another year!

This year’s theme will be around Space Expeditions.

After seeing last year’s Cybertruck submissions, we are even more excited to see what the students will create for this year.

We might be coming out of a lockdown, but we still have a robot showdown!

Head on to the 2022 Wiz Prodigy Online STEM Competition website to learn more.

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