Discover a fascinating world of robotics through our Robotics classes! 

The Robotics program is a 3-in-1 combo of hardware and software development combining computer, mechanical, and electrical engineering all at once.

Designed for curious minds of all ages, the Wiz Robotics program offers a hands-on learning experience that unlocks a world of creativity, innovation, and endless possibilities.


With Arduino’s cutting-edge hardware and versatile programming language, you can unleash your inner inventor and bring your wildest electronic creations to life by incorporating a wide array of circuit components into your projects.

Recommended Ages: 13-16

FTC Course

Build and design competitive robots by experimenting with 3D printing and coding in Java and Onbot Java with the FTC program. Our team of experienced FTC mentors will aid in your journey into competitive robotics!

Recommended: 13-16


Does your child have a special interest in logic, math and algorithms? Dive into the world of programming and unlock a realm of endless possibilities with the Wiz Coding program.

The Coding program provides an opportunity to expand on coding skills through learning to solve complex problems in the form of puzzles and challenges. 

Our team of expert teachers will guide your child to master the language of the future!


Python, a user-friendly and intuitive programming language, unlocks the potential for creating dynamic and engaging games and applications, even for those new to the world of programming.

Recommended: 10-16


Java, a versatile and dynamic programming language, offers object-oriented programming capabilities that enables the creation of cutting-edge software applications in today’s tech-driven world.

Recommended: 13-16

Go future-proof by understanding what it really means to code in the metaverse. The Games Development program will get students to create a world of their own through 3D modeling, physics, and simulations. Get ready to embark on an adventure of imagination, innovation, and endless possibilities.


It’s time to be on the other side of a video game! Use Scratch to create interactive games with its easy-to-understand block-based programming language.

Recommended: 6-12


Roblox is not just a game, but an entire platform for you to create public games! Learn Lua’s text-based programming language to help you develop fun and working Roblox games. Will you create the next Bloxburg?

Recommended: 10-16